There is no such thing as away. When you throw something away, it must go somewhere.

Annie Leonard

The term carbon-neutral is the balancing out of carbon released during cup production in the atmosphere.

planit cup

1. Promoting a green environment

The main reason to stop using disposable single-use cups is to protect the environment. The UK produces ten thousand cups of single plastic waste every two minutes, totalling approximately 2.5 billion single plastic use cups each year. However, we play a massive role in eliminating our debris by switching to carbon-neutral reusable cups, significantly reducing plastic production waste, preserving our carbon emissions, and sustaining our natural resources for future generations.

2. Long term, they are more cost-effective.

Instead of throwing away single-use plastic cups, you can refill your carbon-neutral reusable cup multiple times each day. For example, an annual festival organiser can use a reusable cup system to save costs of purchasing single-use plastic cups that end up as waste and harm our environment.

3. They are fully brandable

While pushing sustainability and waste reduction goals, there is an opportunity to use the carbon-neutral reusable cups as an advertising and marketing tool that is customisable with logos or images. While reports show custom products are cherished longer, a reusable custom product will stand the test of time and is suitable for the environment.

4. Revenue Generating

Planit cup Ltd is pioneering the innovation of a carbon-neutral reusable cup system providing a cost-effective solution that ensures increased profits through an environmentally conscious approach. Click to find out how we can help you generate extra income for your business.

A scary fun fact

The British landfills record over 152,000 tons of carbon footprints annually from single-use plastic cups, equivalent to 33,000 cars produced.