Reusing Plastic Cups & Why It’s So Important

Reusing Plastic Cups & Why It’s So Important

When rivers and seas are polluted with plastic (mainly being cups), fish and other sea life suffer. Many thousands of animals are hurt or killed every year because they choke from trying to eat them or get caught in other items such as bags or can holders. Fish that eat tiny plastic particles end up with toxins in their bodies, which are then passed on to the animals or humans that eat them (if they do not die first). The more plastic that is recycled rather than sent to thrown into rivers and seas or sent to landfill, the fewer fish and other sea creatures will suffer, and the less the effects of swallowing plastics will be passed on to humans.

For every ton of plastic that is recycled, 7.4 cubic yards of landfill spaced is saved. However.. The majority of ‘recyclable’ material does not end up being recycled which in turn, is bad for the environment. The answer? we reuse. Plastics are an important material in our day to day practice and we cannot eliminate its uses until we find an alternative to suit all needs. Reusing plastic items such as cups as an alternative to single use cups will reduce the amount of material that needs to be recycled which tackles the issue of most of the recyclable materials – not being recycled. Reusing plastics dramatically carbon emissions that would have been created by using single use alternatives.

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