We Don't Make Cups For Landfill; We Make Cups For The Future.

Say no to single use cups

Disposable plastic cups are a menacing waste left over at any festival or live event –
amounting to 100+ million single-use plastic cups per year.

Reduce waste and do your bit

The waste is either deposited in landfills in our oceans or incinerated, which leaks pollutants into our environment. This is not all. Over 90% of the adverse environmental impact has already been caused before the end-user holds a plastic cup.

With green practices and sustainability forefront in their minds, young people need to know that the stadiums they watch their favourite sports at and the festivals/other events they attend are just as environmentally conscious as they are.

Using a million reusable PP cups regularly each year instead of single-use plastic cups can avoid using 1000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.. energy that could be utilised to power is equivalent to the average household for over 75 years.

PLANIT CUP Provides you with the ultimate carbon-neutral, re-useable cup solution; a customisable eco-friendly cup for your festivals, sporting and work events to show participants your commitment to doing your part for the plant.

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